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Mark Weinkrantz is stepping forward to run for Congress driven by a lifelong commitment to service and a deep-rooted belief in making a tangible difference in the lives of others. Throughout his career and personal journey, Mark has embodied the values of duty, sacrifice, and community service. Now, he seeks to bring these values to the forefront of political representation in District 13.

Core Issues and Values:

  1. Women’s Right To Choose: Mark staunchly advocates for women's reproductive freedom, believing it's time to codify common-sense principles and give women control over their own bodies. He recognizes the importance of ensuring reproductive rights as fundamental to women's autonomy and well-being.
  2. Immigration: As a second-generation immigrant, Mark understands the aspirations and contributions of immigrants firsthand. He believes in the American Dream and recognizes the need for compassionate and comprehensive immigration policies that honor America's legacy as a nation of immigrants.
  3. Fiscal Responsibility: Mark emphasizes the necessity of fiscal responsibility in Washington, highlighting the need for Congress to live within its means. Drawing from his own experiences balancing budgets, he advocates for prudent spending practices to ensure a sustainable financial future for the country.
  4. Service and Sacrifice: Mark's ethos of service extends to both country and community. His background in the Air Force underscores his unwavering commitment to duty, while his advocacy for the working class reflects his dedication to serving the needs of his fellow citizens.
  5. Education: Education forms the bedrock of Mark's vision for a thriving society. He believes in providing every child with access to quality educational opportunities, acknowledging the vital role of teachers in shaping young minds. Mark pledges to prioritize education funding, address K-12 reform, and combat the school-to-prison pipeline to ensure that all students have the chance to succeed.
  6. Commonsense Voice for Florida: Mark recognizes the unique challenges facing Florida and pledges to be a pragmatic voice for the state in Congress. He vows to tackle real problems with tangible solutions, prioritizing the needs of Florida families over political posturing. With a focus on collaboration and common sense, Mark aims to address both short and long-term priorities to benefit all Floridians.
  7. Insurance Overhaul: Mark is committed to addressing the skyrocketing insurance premiums that burden families. He advocates for putting people first over the interests of insurance companies, seeking comprehensive reforms to ensure affordable and accessible insurance coverage for all.


Mark Weinkrantz's candidacy represents a refreshing departure from politics as usual. With a strong emphasis on service, integrity, and practical solutions, he offers a compelling vision for a better future for District 13 and beyond. As a congressman, Mark will tirelessly champion the interests of his constituents and work towards building a more equitable and prosperous society for all.





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